All About Free Online LightTrust Courses
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are LightTrust Courses are all FREE?
    -> Yes. All the LightTrust Online Courses are Free.
  2. What are the subjects in which LightTrust Online Courses are available?
    -> Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Programming are the courses in which LightTrust Open Online Courses are available.
  3. Will I get a Certificate after completing the courses?
    -> Yes. You will receive a certificate of completion or participation after successfully completing all the projects and assignments of the course, signed by the instructor.
  4. What are the benefits of taking LightTrust Online Courses?
    ​->  Learning is always an integral part of life and is a never ending process. LightTrust courses are fruitful in best environments where the user is free from all external pressure and focuses on learning. However, these courses are also fruitful towards company promotions and career advancements.
  5. What are Programming Courses?
    -> Programming Courses refer to Computer Science and Programming Courses in which we learn how to teach computers to perform a specific task by specifying certain rules. These Computer Science and Programming Free Online Open Courses are mostly free and offer certificates of special achievement once passed.
  6. What are Special Certificates of Achievement for Free Online Open Courses?
    -> Special Certificates of Achievement For Free Online Open Courses are available only for Programming Courses. These courses are special courses which have special focus on computer programming and Information Technology and are essential requirements for future technology.
  7. Who is eligible to take online course from LightTrust?
    -> Currently there are no eligibility criteria for Online LightTrust Courses except to the prerequisites. Anyone who wants to learn something is welcome to learn from LightTrust - An Open Online Free Learning Courses Initiative by
  8. Do LightTrust offers Free Online Cloud Computing courses?
    -> Yes. They are now available.

LightTrust is an Independent and Inspired Initiative of This initiative was started to focus providing free and valuable online resources for learners. Learners can find free online courses regarding Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Programming. Just sign up for the newsletters and we tell you how to take up the courses once they are available with our partners. This Initiative is community supported and all kinds of suggestions are welcome. Please write us back through our contact us form through Contact us page.

Learning Science and Technology is one of the fundamental requirements for child's growth. Science helps us understand more about nature, while technology helps us apply our understanding of nature. Because advanced Science and Technology Courses are generally inaccessible, LightTrust has brought to you great mix of Online Courses, both free and paid (mostly FREE).

LightTrust is an Independent Initiative started to make Online Learning more accessible across the Web and other platforms. With LightTrust, learn more from Free Featured Online Courses, Participate in Exclusively Sponsored Events to Showcase your talents and much more.
LightTrust aims in providing Free and Fair Education in areas of Science, Engineering and Technology for all. This education is very important for individual growth and understanding of nature.

Currently LightTrust teams are focusing on additional research in areas such as learning through Recreation, Games and other Entertainment sources which help children learn in more focused way and learn more efficiently. LightTrust focuses on making learning faster, easier and enjoyable process. For making this true, our Course partners have designed the courses keeping in mind with our special requirements. Our Courses are specially designed to encourage learning Science, Engineering and Technology and motivating users to understand nature much better than before.