Light Trust Free Online Learning

LightTrust is an unique non-profit established in India to empower people by encouraging them to learn more and more digitally. This initiative will help people improve their skills continuously on the go.
LightTrust is in process of developing a digital platform which will help people learn online more and more. The Online Courses will be developed by experts and will be in the areas of Computer Science, Science, Engineering and Mathematics. For this task to be accomplished our content developers and teachers work hard and perform on going research in the areas of Computer Science, Information Technology and Programming, Data Science, Cloud, Science and Engineering and Mathematics.
People can also participate in the exclusive events of LightTrust and feature their skills and ideas in front of large audiences. Anyone who has completed a minimum of one course from LightTrust can Register for the events.
Light Trust announces its unique courses exclusively on its website Once the course is announced and which is available only for a limited or short period of time, user can register for free and learn by participating in the online sessions which are dedicated. Users after completion of the course get certificates of completion and participation.
For more information please feel free to write to us at Contact page.